HAMIN is an ANBI foundation, a public benefit organization. This ensures, for example, that your donations are tax-deductible. HAMIN is also obliged to publish a number of matters online. The contact and address details can be found here and the objectives of HAMIN are described here.

The HAMIN Foundation has the following directors: Gijsbert van Kampen is chairman, Ewout Schouten is treasurer. The position of secretary is filled by Adrienne Blomberg and Renee Kunnen is a member. Frida van de Vis has also been added to the board as a member. The remuneration policy is as follows: according to HAMIN’s articles of association, these board members may not be remunerated; only costs are reimbursed.

The policy plan of the HAMIN foundation consists of raising funds for the various projects. The work consists of the financial processing in the Netherlands of the funds that have been or will be raised for the foreign projects. Target funds, after deduction of any administrative costs, are directly passed on to the right organizations. HAMIN’s equity capital is therefore nil.

Here you can view the financial HAMIN_annual_report_2022.