What does HAMIN stand for?

The heartbeat of the foundation

  • Provide support to the poorest, most vulnerable and rejected people in society.
  • HAMIN wants to support these people in all aspects of their “being”, it concerns the whole person, physically, emotionally, mentally and also spiritually. Spiritual means that all people have the right to really hear and see what the love of Jesus means at least once in their life.

What is our added value

  • The Bible is the source and our guiding principle in everything we do.
  • We facilitate the receipt and transfer of donations for foreign projects that match our objective and are as close as possible to the people in need. Gifts go directly to the projects with as little as possible cost for overhead.
  • We have a direct relationship with workers in the various foreign projects so that we can ensure that the funds are used for the correct purposes.

    Where does HAMIN support projects? 

  • In Thailand HAMIN supports the work of Siam-Care, a Christian organization committed to children and families affected by HIV-aids. They help children with their education and support poor families medically, mentally and financially. SiamCare website
  • In Liberia HAMIN works closely together with DUCHASC headed by the passionate founder Rose Kamara. Initially work was done to support their response and follow up support during and after the disastrous Ebola outbreak. At present the work revolves around vulnerable women and children, many of who have been abused and/or continue to experience the hardship in the aftermath of Ebola. Facebook site Rose
  • In Ghana HAMIN works together with CTIW (Children and Teens in Worship) Foundation’ headed by Mark en Petra van Liere Ed-Orta Addo. Their mandate is ‘Impacting our Generation with the Gospel of Christ Jesus’. The foundation supports various locak projects Zij ondersteunen lokale projecten in Ghana waaronder projecten in het onderwijs. CTIW website
  • In Nigeria HAMIN works together with SUWA (Scripture Union West Africa) headed by the passionate couple Sam and Rhoda Udanyi. SUWA’s mandate is one of building the capacity of communities, to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Orphan and Vulnerable Children interventions, Entrepreneurship, Peace Building initiatives and violence against Women and Girls SUWA website
  • Mission and Vision

Vision: To Work closely together with local non-for-profit organizations who are like minded and look out for the most vulnerable and marginalized people in society. 

Mission: To offer Holistic support, being the hands, feet, eyes, companion and voice of the Lord Jesus to those on the margins.