HAMIN Foundation gives Help To People In Emergency. This means that help is offered to the poorest and most vulnerable and rejected people in society in poor countries. HAMIN wants to help people in all aspects of their “being”, physically, emotionally, mentally but also spiritually.
Spiritual means that all people have the right at least once to really hear and see what the love of Jesus is all about. In short, it is about the total person.

The HAMIN foundation is currently active for the projects that are being done in Thailand and West Africa.


How Jan van de Vis started († June 8, 2016):

In the 1990s, after receiving a generous gift, Jan van de Vis started the HAMIN foundation. Through this foundation, Jan was able to reach his heart’s desire:enreach people with the Gospel in deed and word, give hands and feet.
After Jan visited Thailand in 2008 and took Siam-Care’s work to heart, HAMIN set out to help Adrienne Blomberg who then led the work. In 2013, Siam-Care work was taken over by the Kelder family and Adrienne left for Liberia with her husband Winston to start new work there.

We are a Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). As a result, your donations from the Netherlands are tax-deductible.

The HAMIN Foundation is committed to fundraising for projects in Thailand and Liberia. We started with a job in Thailand and expanded to Liberia. The work in Thailand is Siam Care Thailand, an NGO led by Natasja and Jan-Peter Kelder-Fass. In Liberia we worked with Wing of Refuge, an organization led by Adrienne and Winston Sarwahpue-Blomberg.


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In Thailand werkt HAMIN met Siam-Care: een christelijke organisatie die zich inzet voor families waar met de gevolgen van hiv/aids geleefd moet worden en die vaak onzichtbaar zijn in de samenleving.


In de (nasleep van de) desastreuze gevolgen van de ziekte Ebola in Liberia, Afrika, begon HAMIN samen te werken met Wing of Refuge onder leiding van Winston en Adrienne Sarwahpue-Blomberg om lokaal hulp en voorlichting te bieden.


Stichting HAMIN geeft Hulp Aan Mensen In Nood. Dat wil zeggen dat hulp geboden wordt aan de allerarmsten en meest kwetsbare en verworpen mensen in de samenleving in arme landen.